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Gaaler lifts

Skiing where the stars train!

Skiing where the stars train!

The Gaal ski area impresses with its many years of experience, guaranteed snow and perfectly groomed slopes.

After the easy journey, it's best to take the momentum with you on the 2.3 km long ski highway. If the paths or slopes separate afterwards, that's no problem. Here all lifts start at the same starting point and so you don't lose sight of yourself and especially your children.

New since 2019 - the GaalaXie

The new "Ski GaalaXie" is the most innovative offer for beginners and everyone looking for fun in the snow.

This 2ha area offers endless possibilities for skiers, tobogganists and bobsleighers. Heavenly it goes comfortably on the 60m long conveyor belt with a roof.

Once at the top, the GaalaXie opens up countless possibilities. We offer a covered living room for spectators in the middle of the slopes.


  • Lifts: 2-seater chairlift, drag lift, 60m conveyor belt with canopy
  • Ski and snowboard school: group courses (children from 3 years) & individual lessons for adults and teenagers
  • Ski rental: RENT instead of BUY. In the ski rental of the Gaaler lifts you can get the most modern winter sports equipment that suits you and is up to date. It also saves you having to lug around the equipment and space for the journey. If you have fallen in love with the equipment, you can also buy it

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Schattenberg 49
0043 3513 88633